Microwave Container 2 Compartment Black – MWB812 cased 400

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Microwaveable Container 2 Compartment Black


This Microwaveable Container 2 Compartment Black, product code MWB812, is one of our most popular products. With a professional quality image, it is ideal for Meal on Wheels, restaurant takeaways and schools and colleges. The 2 compartments are designed for perfect portion control to hold a number of various food types including curry dishes with a side such as rice or vegetables, pasta and sauces and meat and potatoes. The 2 compartment microwaveable container can be used for vending for staff and businesses with a microwave when it is not possible for a full time canteen.


Length: 235mm (9 inch)
Width :145mm (5 3/4 inch)
Depth: 35mm ( 1.5inch)

Capacity in (cc): 870
Outer Box Dimensions: 60cm x 24cm x 58cm

Cased: 400

Made from durable polypropylene (PP), it can be microwaveable up to 115’C or can be chilled in the refrigerator for display and storage purposes. This also enables it to be resistant to greases and oils which would usually damage the container. With the Clear 2 Compartment Lid, the whole unit is microwaveable. Simply loosen the lid from the base when heating to prevent the contents from drying out or splattering. The Microwaveable Container 2 Compartment Black is sold separately and the L8002 lid can be found in the related products below. Due to the design of the MWB812, it is has great stackabilty which enables safe transportation without the risk of leakages or spillages. The special design of the MWB812 also prevents the 2 compartments from integrating whilst in transit, storing or cooking, so presentation is not affected.

This product is part of the Black Deluxe Line, manufactured by Portuguese company Mani, who are specialists in Home Meal Replacement packaging, amongst other products in our extensive range. As well as the Microwaveable Container 2 Compartment Black, we also stock the single cavity version and a three cavity version.

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