Microwave Black Oval 16oz – MWB700 cased 500

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MWB700 – Microwave Black Oval 16oz

This Microwave Black Oval 16oz Dish is the perfect oval container for all kinds of hot and cold purposes. This leak resistant Microwavable Oval Dish is ideal for a number of foods including baked potatoes, soups, stews, chilli, curry and pasta. It also looks good on any buffet table filled with any party favourites and treats from crisps, dips, nuts or sweets.  Holding approximately 450ml, it is the ideal portion for 1 person. The clear anti-fog lid MWB700L, is sold separately and can be found in the related products below. The clear microwaveable lid fits on securely to the Black Oval Base and offers a professional finish. Specially designed to be easily stackableand, it is suitable for easy transportation without fears of spillages.

Top Out:  210mm x 145mm
Top In:  185mm x 120mm
Base:  170mm x 110mm
Depth:  35mm

Made from Polypropylene (PP), which is a thermoplastic polymer, and means it is made with a high melting point, making it fully able to withstand hot liquids without breaking down. Used in many various food packaging containers including this Microwave Black Oval 16oz Dish, this enables the dish to be fully microwavable. To use in the microwave, simply leave the lid ajar on the container and cook for the required time. The Black Oval Base is also recyclable.

The 16oz black oval food container is manufactured by Mani, a leading manufacturer of microwave safe food container products in Europe. The container is also safe for the freezer and will not come open whilst in storage in the freezer.  The customer can take this product home for use immediately or storage in the fridge for reheating later. The food can safely be transported without fear of leaking. Cased conveniently in a quantity of 500 the box can easily be stored.

Cased: 500

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