Plastico 16oz Strong Plastic Glass – Cased 50

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Plastico 16oz Strong Plastic Glass

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Dishwasher safe and reusable they are very rigid and will withstand up to 100 uses without
showing signs of wear and tear.

The material (Polystyrene) used is heat resistant up to 100°C and will resist acids, alcohols, fats, oils and salt solutions.

Total number of glasses per case: 50

16oz Hard Plastic glass. Very durable and strong. Ideal for any drinks but also brilliant as a small vase for flowers (as seen in picture). Perfect for brightening up your office, cafe, restaurant.

Can be safely used outside will not blow away or easily fall over, safer than glass but still nice to drink from.
Approx 40 cases in stock.

Capacity to Brim – 455ml / (16fl.oz)

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